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-额定功率:0.2~5KW ; -额定转矩:0.64~23.9Nm ;  -额定转速:1500/2000/3000rpm,取决于不同型号 性能特性 ;  -LH电机选用高磁能积优质的耐高温永磁材料制作 ; -电机试用已优化的电磁参数设计,可长期运行仍保持优良的工作状态 ; -IP65的防护等级,适用于恶劣的工业环境




 -高效率:效率>95% ; 

 -低齿槽转矩 ;








Our company LH215W, LH300W series liquid cooling motor superiority summary:



The liquid cooled motor can be cooled by water cooling or oil cooling. It is aimed at textile mills, die-casting factories, aluminum extrusions, and other products developed in the harsh environment, have the following advantages:


》The cooling liquid pipe of the motor is designed with spiral type. The contact area of the cooling liquid is large, the diameter is large and the cooling effect is good.


》The motor housing is made of seamless tube, and the cooling water channel is completely isolated from the electrical part of the motor. It is also guaranteed to be isolated from the charged body even when the watercourse is broken. And do not damage the motor other parts. Comply with CE and UL safety standards.


》The motor has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency and fast response.


》The whole series adopts the whole aluminum case, the same power motor aluminum shell is about 30K lower than the iron shell. And aluminum shell has no rust risk, can use long life.


》The special designed motor is used to improve the overload capacity of the motor and realize the fast response which can improve the production efficiency of the equipment and shorten the cycle of finished products.


》Compared with the conventional asynchronous motor, the energy saving rate can reach 40% to 70%.


》The motor starts off smoothly, reduces the aerodynamic noise, and produces less interference to the power grid. Meanwhile, the encoder connection mode is adopted by aviation plug. Ensure the correctness of electrical wiring and stability of operation.